Clinton And Reality

So, the Rules committee gave half a vote to the delegates from MI and FL. Forget about the minutiae, the details. All you need to know is that Harold Ickes basically made a promise to take this to the convention. What a tool!

Clinton supporters at the meeting interrupted about 4000 times. They yelled, were disrespectful, and an embarrassment. Obama supporters, if there were any there, remained quiet and attentive, and always respectful, like their candidate.

The accusations of sexism and mysogyny, along with tacit approval by the Clinton camp of all sugestions that Obama might be a Muslim, or might not be ready to be CIC, are biting the party in the collective ass.

Please Hillary, stop your campaign, apologize for your attempted theft of the election (since you couldn't buy it) and let the rest of the party, and country, get on with our lives.

This is what we should all be scared of: talk about angry!

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