Help Me Get A Premium Account At Blog Talk Radio (Updated)

I have mentioned this before; I have a free account at Blog Talk Radio which is rather limiting. I cannot do shows during prime time. I can only do half hour shows. I can't upload more than 3 audio files. I cannot offer Skype connections to callers. It's very limiting.

A premium account would allow me 2-hour shows during prime-time with Skype calling available, as well as toll-free calling.

My radio show is growing. I began a new feature I call #SOSChat Kid Radio to get student voices out there to be heard. Alex just appeared yesterday. And second-career teacher and blogging partner David Russell appeared last week for a very interesting discussion of the Common Core, mastery learning and other stuff. He's sort of awesome.

Upcoming I have some great shows: Principal Brian Killeen of Florida will be on March 6; Dr. Michael Marder and I have been trying to set a date and we are close; Mike Butz, a fellow commentator over at the Students First Facebook page has finally decided to come on as well.

With all the interest now being shown in my show I really want a premium account. It costs $400/year, an amount I just don't have.

Here's the cool part: an anonymous donor has offered to match the next $100 in donations. Please consider a donation to the cause; help get the word out about education reform and how it is damaging our public schools, and therefore our future, not to mention our children.

Donations can be made by clicking on the TFT/Paypal logo just under this blog's title, right there near the top of the blog, or the little Donate button below.

Thank you in advance.

Bonus: Donors can be anonymous or I can recognize you publicly. Let me know if you want recognition. The default is for you to be anonymous. Donors who contribute $100 or more get a free TFT mug. Of course, you can't be anonymous if you want the mug--I'll need your name and address. I could just send you a picture of the mug...

Update:  I have raised $300 $341 of the $400 I need!!! Thanks to all who donated! We're almost there!

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