My Computer Is On The Fritz

I don't have my computer anymore. The display died on the laptop I've had for many years, and I don't have a separate monitor anymore. I tried using my TV as a monitor but it's too hard to see.

My incredible son has an old laptop his grandmother gave him. He never uses it! He uses his phone to check emails, doesn't care about Facebook, and has an XBOX for movies and videogames.

He told me I could use his laptop. I am using it. The keys were remapped, but I was able to fix that. But too many of the keys are sticky, making spelling errors a constant problem--I press the key, but it doesn't work, so I get the red squiggly line. Annoying. And one of the sticky keys is the shit [and I guess the "f" key, too] key. Great. The backspace key is getting lots of use.

And that is why my posting has been light. I really need a computer with more than 1 meg of RAM and a keyboard that works.

Sure, you can send me one!

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