The Rich Don't Need Us

People concerned with creating jobs insist that an educated workforce is key to America’s continued competitiveness and prosperity. One would think America’s moneyed interests would support public education for that reason alone. Because they need educated workers. Or do they?

In the Atlantic’s “The Rise of the New Global Elite,” Chrystia Freeland describes the super-rich as “a nation unto themselves,” more connected to each other than to their countries or their neighbors. Freeland writes that “the business elite view themselves increasingly as a global community, distinguished by their unique talents and above such parochial concerns as national identity, or devoting ‘their’ taxes to paying down ‘our’ budget deficit.” Thomas Wilson, CEO of Allstate, explains that globalization means, “I can get [workers] anywhere in the world. It is a problem for America, but it is not necessarily a problem for American business …” Why should it be?
Tom Sullivan

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