Another In A Series Of Appliance Posts

Look at that fucking faucet!  Awesome, right!
You have read about my oven, dishwasher, and assorted  laundry machines and machinations. I just wanted you to know that I had to install a new kitchen faucet yesterday.

I can do light plumbing.  Hell, I remodeled the half bath when I bought the place.  I ripped out the old vanity and toilet and replumbed and replaced them.  Copper pipe and flux don't scare me.  And torches (fire, not light you Brits) are just plain cool.

The fancy faucet I bought (almost just like the one in the picture) was actually pretty easy to install and only cost $150.  The only issue was getting my less than agile body under the sink and getting leverage to remove and replace the 40 year old water lines and shut-offs coming from the wall.  It was most uncomfortable.  But worth it.

The old faucet was so gunked up that is sort of dribbled instead of flowed.  I replaced it not because of weak flow but because a tiny hole had manifested on the top of the spout and a fine mist would spray out whenever the faucet was on.  I couldn't stand wiping everything down after using the sink each time, so I broke down and bought the new faucet, knowing it would hurt to put it in.  Ok, it was just uncomfortable.  I'm not that much of a wimp.

The new faucet is amazing.  First, it's stream can reach every corner of the sink, and look good doing it.  Second, the stream is not weak.  It is strong.  So strong, that the first time I turned it on to check for leaks, I thought there was one because the powerful stream, not unlike Bridalveil Falls, spewed water everywhere because I had a lid in the sink that perfectly redirected the test-stream up and all around.  I had to crank down the shut-offs to reduce the power of the stream.  Oh, such a wonderful problem.

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