Appliances Break

The range I would like
Years ago I bought one of those little stackable washer/dryer combos for my small apartment. It was awesome not having to go to the laundromat. Then when the Frustrated Son was born, I had more laundry, but I just had to do more loads in the new stackable, so it was cool--no laundromat.

A few years later the 4-unit apartment building was sold to a guy who wanted to turn it into condominiums. I couldn't afford to buy, so I went looking for new apartments. But then mom showed up with thousands and thousands of dollars and told me to go buy a house. It was the height of the housing bubble, and I got my condo for twice what it is worth now!

But the condo came with grown-up size appliances! I could do twice as much laundry in one load! Life was a frickin' dream.

About a year later the dryer died. I was told it was in good shape when I bought the condo, but I guess it really wasn't in such good shape. So I had to buy a new dryer. I was able to get a discontinued one with a round, glass door so I can watch the laundry dry like in the laundromat. I think it cost me about $150. It was a great deal.

Then, about two years ago (or about 3 years after the dryer died) I was watching television when I heard a loud BANG in the utility closet where the hot water heater and furnace are located--right in my little living room. I opened the door to find water (cold, thank goodness) spewing from a broken fitting on top of the water heater. It had died. It basically exploded. Do you know how complicated it is to drain, then move a water heater--alone? Being very manly, it was no problem.

A few years back, when I was in the apartment I talked about up there, my landlord, who lived in and owned the building, wanted to replace the water heaters in all four units. I went shopping with her because she asked me to. Back then they cost about $150-200 for a regular 30-gallon water heater.

When mine exploded I figured I would be out about $150. I went to my local Home Depot and saw that they were all like $300-400!! I couldn't figure out why they had nearly doubled. It turns out that there were some new regulations requiring that the pilot light be electronic, and sealed. On the old type of water heater you had to light something on fire and get it up under the heater where the pilot light was. It was usually a bit difficult and dangerous, but it was cheaper.

About a year ago my washing machine started to make a funny noise. Then it died. I was able to get a used one for about $100, and it works great.

I cook many things in my rather large toaster-oven. I can do a meatloaf in it, fer chrissakes!

The other day I wanted to use my grown-up oven...

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