Do Ed Schools Suck, Or Are They Not What You Think They Are?

By 2009, “Ed Schools” are a substantially different mix. Not only that, but look at the volume of degree production. Back in 1990, Ed Schools at respectable major universities were putting out about 600 master’s degrees in education related fields per year. They held on to similar rates in 2000 and still in 2009. But by 2009, Walden University and U. of Phoenix were each cranking out 4,500+ master’s degrees per year. Grand Canyon U. comes in next in line. These are the entrepreneurial up-starts that are the product of minimized regulation of teaching credentials.

Reformers and edupreneurs tout online learning as the way of the future, yet for ed schools, the future is here, and it is this current “future” that they are complaining about.

So, which is it, Duncan/Obama/Gates/Broad/VanderArk? Is online learning great and the way to go, or do online institutions put out garbage?

schoolfinance101's analysis pretty much proves the garbage part. Well done.

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