Shame On The Reformers

It was a busy week, with Thanksgiving and all. I made an incredibly juicy and delicious turkey and my mashed potatoes included imported Irish butter. I'm good at gravy, so we had lots of thick gravy. I should be able to finish off the remaining turkey by tomorrow. Did you put bacon in your green bean casserole? You should have.

All the reformer types--Gates, Broad, Guggenheim, Bloomberg, Klein, Rhee, VanderArk, Huffington, Winfrey, and the rest write many columns. Guggenheim and VanderArk have blogging spots over at HuffPo, the rest just seem to ooze from wherever they can.

Whenever I read one of their pieces I try to comment. HuffPo moderates their comments severely, often deleting comments once approved, or not approving them at all. But of the comments that seem to get posted, 99% are anti-reform. They are not the rantings and ravings of pajama wearing progressive nitwits, either. They are written by many respected educators/bloggers who have been doing the actual job of teaching for years.

Guggenheim even wrote a piece and asked for teacher feedback, and then ignored his post, never interacting. And he was taken to task in the comments.

Every blog post written by one of these reformers gets pilloried in comments, and they never respond. It is as if they are immune to shame.

Shame on the reformers for not listening to teachers. Shame on them for spreading lies in the face of vocal opposition based in reality. Shame on them for perpetuating their party line even though experts in the field are telling them to stop.

Hey, reformers, have you no shame?

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