I've Been Obsessing

One's genealogy is a fun thing to research.  I have been interested in it for a long time because I come from a marriage between a European Jew (my dad) and ancient Welsh royalty (my mom).  I found out about Wales yesterday.

I went on one of those family tree sites years ago and plugged in most of the family I could remember.  I have many living relatives, and remembering everyone was hard.  I felt it was worth all the work because I was always interested as a kid in seeing the family tree, but we didn't have any way to produce one, and I now could by simply entering the data.  It would also be cool for the Frustrated Son at some point.

I went back a few days ago to the site, Ancestry.com, and now they hook you up with people you have in common with other users.  It's easier.  And searching is more robust now--I guess more people have input more data so the database is just bigger than the last time I checked in.  There are pictures and stories and scans of newspaper clippings.

So, I have spent a few days immersed in the tree.  I have gone back 1200 years.  I am related to kings.  I think I am related to slave owners, too.  That's pretty fucked up.  I am also related to lots of dead Jews.

But it has been fascinating.  I found some names that surprised my mom, and she is now next to the phone when I need a question answered, or choices narrowed down.  I am even going to try to talk to mom's sister, my aunt, who is really old and crazy.  It will be fun, and probably informative.

That's why I haven't been posting.

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