NBC Rivals FOX For Least Honest Media Outlet: Updated

Education Nation has reset their Facebook Page default view to be that of EN only. In my conversation with NBC a week ago (I am thinking of publishing the email exchange, even though it's not too exiting) they said they would change that, and to their credit, they did. But now they have reverted back to censoring the site. The default view is back to EN only, they are blocking and banning people again, and they are removing posts.  Maybe it's because I refused to take down Miseducation Nation.  With 230 members, I am sure we present a threat to their 10,000 strong propaganda effort.  Or not.

It is painfully clear that NBC had a chance to provide all kinds of information to the public to counter the many misconceptions about tenure, unions, and what it's like on the ground in an impoverished school that doesn't have the backing of rich dude.  Instead it was a teacher-bashing extravaganza where the voice of teachers was represented by near-children who have 1 year of teaching under their belt, yet are portrayed as the voice of millions.  No, we experienced teachers cringed when we heard these young, naive newbies claim they don't want tenure because with it they can't stay late to help kids.  Seriously, she said that.  And she is the solution?

Education Nation won't return my emails. They know they have power, and they are using it to silence me and those who agree with me.

They are too big to care. They don't want a punk like me, or Anthony Cody, posting anything on their page that counters the narrative they have bought into--teachers create poverty, or something.

NBC has screwed this pooch. They are now as bad as FOX.

Update:  Here is a screenshot of their excuse:

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