Light Posting For The Next Week

The bar mitzvah is getting close, and there has been much to do. <!--25d74b0c420b4df8a923513a74a91588-->
I spread wood chips (5 trips worth-100's of gallons, in 3 big buckets.  I think gas alone may have cost more than buying wood chips and having them delivered!) all over the dirt so our festivities would be less dusty.

I wrote the "program," laid it out, checked it 4000 times and had it run off so those attending the bar mitzvah and regular Saturday services will know who is who when they go up to the bima.

I also put in the program a remembrance of my father and brother (a common practice), both of whom are dead, but would have been proud of the son.  Writing it brought tears to my eyes, even though I thought I was sort of over that kind of reaction.  Nope.  I suppose things like this will always bring up the sadness and loss.  Cancer took my dad about 10 years ago, and sadness caused my brother to take his own life in 2007.  But we live on, tasked with remembering those who are gone.

So, one house is finished--the house where the party will be.

Now all I need to do is clean up my place (the bachelor pad--it's just the son and me) to make it presentable in case folks end up here for a bit over the weekend.  How do you clean a toilet?

I had to buy the Frustrated Son a suit.  It was too fucking expensive, especially given he will wear it once.  I could have bought a cheaper suit, but he would have looked cheap.  Priorities.

I will resume a more regular blogging schedule in a week.  For now there are archives, and the occasional post.

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