Do You Know This Kid XVIII? Updated

This young man, seated with his little sister, was born in 1918.  He was eccentric, rhythmic and sought after.  He invented stuff, played music, traveled, and explained shit.  He is dead.

He looks as an adult pretty much as he looks in this photo--see the slightly devious grin?

He is world famous.  Althea probably already knows the answer, and I haven't even posted it yet!

There, it's posted.  Althea....??

Update:  Kathleen got it (as did a couple others in private emails)--Richard P. Feynman.

Richard Feynman

Here is a video of Feynman talking about the Space Shuttle Challenger panel and whether he should accept a seat or not.

There is quite a bit of Feynman video available. He is so watchable!! Feynmanchaser of youtube has most of them.

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