On A Personal Note

I take medication to ward off a recurrence of cancer. There are side effects, from nausea and other things gastronomic to severe liver damage and heart stoppage. Most people, including me, tolerate the medication fairly well--we get nauseated, gassy, yucky, crampy (as in muscle cramps), rashy and swollen, but we rarely die because of it.

Today my stomach has been gurgling. To most of you a gurgling stomach is a sign of hunger or impending danger! For me it is more like the status quo. But today it has been frickin' unbelievable. Often The Frustrated Son will turn to me and say, "Dude! Was that your stomach?" It was, so I say yes. If he were next to me today he would be very concerned because it is loud and hasn't really stopped.

Now, don't get all worried about me; it happens occasionally and this is just an extreme case of the gurgles. But I can't even concentrate on anything because of all the damn noise!

If I were not insured, the one pill I take every day would cost me $100 each. Yeah, about $3K a month!

Stay healthy!!

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