I Had An Original Thought: Updated

Here is my thought: allow teachers to use carpool lanes in the morning.

That's all.

Update:  Oh, you want to know why?  Everyone knows that teachers are poorly paid, yet are national heroes (yes, there seems to be a disconnect there).

Since it is clear teacher-bashing will continue for some time, and salaries are not going to go up any time soon, giving teachers access to the carpool lane would be something that I guarantee every teacher would be thankful for, and it wouldn't really cost society much.

Every morning on my way to the classroom I worry about traffic because, like many teachers, we can't afford to live where we work so we travel many early morning hours to get to work.  And if we are late, 20 or so kids are left without supervision.  It is good for kids, principals, parents and teachers.  Is there a down side?  I can't think of one...

So, give us carpool lane access!!

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