The Uselessness Of Religion

Andrew Sullivan has a series called Sin Or Crime going on at the Dish. It's about the Catholic RAPISTS who get protection from their bishops and the Pope to keep them out of trouble with the law.

Really? Is that a serious question? Is it either/or? If you are religious, then yes, it's a sin. If you are human, it is revolting, rage-inducing and criminal. Why the question, Sully? Seems that just allows for more equivocation.

In Sully's latest, he is considering whether or not the RAPES or consequences to priests for RAPES would be influenced if the clergy were parents. Um, who fucking cares?

Why is there even a discussion? Hitchens has written a screed in favor of prosecution, Dionne seems to think redemption is possible if they come clean, and I want them shot. No one dares write anything positive, because that would make them RAPE-supporters. It's hard to support RAPE. But for Sully, wondering if it's a sin or a crime seems to be what he is doing.

Dude, it's both.

And you should say that. And you should denounce any organization that systematically RAPES its most vulnerable members (who are members not by choice, usually) and then moves to conceal it by way of their power and statehood.

The Vatican should not be sovereign. There should be no confidence in an entity that conceals these kinds of crimes, especially when done to children. There should be no special treatment of the Church. Revoke its tax-exempt status. Many of them are RAPISTS!

Religion causes folks to equivocate when equivocation is impossible; priests RAPED children. Who cares if it is a sin. It is fucking RAPE. And RAPE is against the law. God has nothing to do with it. Religion has nothing to do with it.

Sully, please stop using stories of saved souls to allow for a debate about this. There is no debate about RAPING children. Is there?

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