The Other Education Gaps

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10 Gaps in Education (that don’t get enough press)

Not all gaps are created equal.

The Achievement Gap gets the most press and seems to have the most leverage. But there are a host of others. Read on for a handy dandy guide to 10 Gaps in Education, and then add your own in the comment section.

Legislative Gap

Distance between lawmakers and teachers.

Potential Gap:

Difference between a students’ potential and the tasks they are asked to do.

Stimulant Gap:

Time between the bottom of one cup of coffee and a refill. Often described as “The Unbearable Gap”.

The Rumsfeld Gap:

The schools, teachers, parents, & students we have vs. the schools, teachers, parents, & students we want.

The Billable Gap:

When educators daydream about the money they’d make if they could bill their hours. ”65 hrs this week, times 4 weeks this month, times $125 per hour = Cha-Ching!”

The Arm Chair Gap:

When folks with no teaching experience suddenly become experts on issues in education after reading an editorial or article.

The Restraint Gap:

What a teacher wants to do vs. What a teacher must do when confronted by someone suffering from The Arm Chair Gap.

The Manchurian Gap:

Students who are brainwashed to believe that answering test prep questions actually prepares them for entering the work force.

The Coup d’Gap:

When policy makers seize the reins of the education debate by scapegoating and alienating teachers. Often characterized by language centered on market terms — accountability, input/output, achievement — and rigor with little or no mention of students, vigor, or relevance.

The Back-to-the-Future Delorean Gap:

Often experienced in schools where there is a mix between 19th century teachers/administrators and 21st century technology proponents.

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