Text Message Scam

I have a cell phone. It has no camera and no touch screen and was free. I don't use it very much. I used to have a friend who would text message me a lot. Each message came in 2 or 3 parts, each time ringing my phone only to see he hadn't completed his sentence, necessitating yet another call. So I blocked text messages. All of them. How the hell can you type on that little number pad with 3 letters or more on each key? Ridiculous.

Anyway, I got a text message today. How? I don't know, and neither does Sprint (could be the problem right there!). I called Sprint to let them know a text message made it through even though I have set things up so they can't get through. Sprint told me they were getting quite a few calls today about this text message.

It is a text message scam. The text came from 9099. The message read:
customer issue, visa
service frozen. please call at
270 495 0189
I did call and the first thing out of the robot's mouth was "Please enter your Visa number," so I hung up.

If you get a text like I did, ignore it. Your bank will not text you. They will definitely not text you without identifying information in the text message if they text you at all.

During this holiday season, with poverty on the rise and war all around, there are many scum-suckers out there trying to steal what little money you have by scamming your credit card numbers. Be on the lookout and report fraud to your bank, your cell provider and your friends!

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