"But It Damn Well Better Be Positive Change"

I think Jay has it just about right below. Unfortunately, the incremental change, which requires fines for not buying insurance, will piss off all the poor people this economy has created, put them deeper into the poorhouse, and seal the deal for Republicans.

I am leaning towards scrapping the whole thing.
I hate to keep beating this drum, but the going in objectives for health care reform were to increase coverage and control costs.  It's become increasingly clear that one requires the other, and passing a bill that mandates coverage and doesn't do enough control costs is stupid and political suicide.  At some point, Americans will realize spiraling health care costs are sapping the economy, putting American industry at a disadvantage, keeping wages depressed, impacting unemployment, and stunting small business growth.  And, at that point, Americans will go looking for someone to blame.

I'm, begrudgingly, OK with incremental change.  But it damn well better be positive change.

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