Poverty: THE Problem

From HuffPo:
Overall, about 49 percent of all children were on food stamps at some point by the age of 20, the analysis found. That includes 90 percent of black children and 37 percent of whites. The analysis didn't include other ethnic groups.

The time span included typical economic ups and downs, including the early 1980s recession. That means similar portions of children now and in the future will live in families receiving food stamps, although ongoing economic turmoil may increase the numbers, Rank said.

An editorial in the medical journal agreed.

"The current recession is likely to generate for children in the United States the greatest level of material deprivation that we will see in our professional lifetimes," Stanford pediatrician Dr. Paul Wise wrote.
Half of America's kids will at some point be on food stamps. That is an embarrassing statistic. Embarrassing for rich people, and Republicans.

All those fat cats could feed lots of kids with all their money. Maybe the personal chefs of the bailed-out bankers could be sent into impoverished neighborhoods and cook, at their employers' personal expense, nice meals for the folks who live there as a way to earn back some respect and pay back American citizens!

When will America wake up and realize that a little fairness never killed anyone, but unfairness does?

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