Some Number Crunching...

The NHS and the F-22

Some back of the envelope calculations:

* US public health care spending per capita: ~$3200
* UK public health care spending per capita: ~$2200
* Difference between US and UK: ~$1000
* Number of people in United States: ~300,000,000
* Number of people multiplied by difference in public health care spending between US and UK: ~$300,000,000,000
* Cost of an F-22 Raptor: $150,000,000
* Number of F-22 Raptors we could buy following wholesale adoption of NHS: ~2000
* Number of F-22 Raptors that the Air Force has wanted in its most soaring flights of fancy: ~650
* Number that we have right now: ~187
* Difference between the number that the USAF wanted and the number we have: ~460
* Amount of money we'd have left over after buying the USAF, say, 500 F-22s: $225,000,000,000
h/t LG&M

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