Arne Duncan Gets An "F"

As long as those in charge keep taking on what they cannot (like ending poverty, which is the ONLY way to FIX public education), schools, students, parents and teachers will continue to be forced to act as guinea pigs for educapitalists in service of their desire to make lots of money off of the impoverished.
As Chicago's Urban Children Are Shot and Killed, Duncan Gives Himself and F and Calls for More School Hours

In a video clip from the Chicago Sun-Times, Arne Duncan shows why the "F" he gives himself for not protecting schoolchildren must stand for "Fool." As reporters probe for what ED might do stem the child murder epidemic in impoversished inner cities, Duncan cannot, does not, even mention the conditions of life with which these urban poverty victims must contend as they dodge bullets (or take them) on their way to school, where they are expected by Mr. Duncan and Obama (No Excuses!) to function like children in the leafy suburbs who have routes to school that don't include special markers where children have been shot down coming and going to their crumbling classrooms.

As you watch the video clip, please note the sad idiot calling for schools to remain open more days and hours, as if more trips to school would somehow reduce, instead of increase, the likelihood of being shot down in the rotting neighborhoods that these children must traverse in order to attend school. Here is the link to the Sun-Times story.

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