The Scoop Of Death

I admit, I go to Starbucks frequently enough to have a gripe, though it speaks to a larger societal issue that I may not address.

I like to get a grande-no-whip-mocha. When I order I always say "A grande no whip mocha, please." I then pay and go wait for my drink in the waiting-for-my-drink area. It is here that one can watch the talented barrista concoct the thing.

Inevitably, the whipped cream can comes out, and before I can say it, my no-whip mocha get whipped. Shit.

I am then forced to tell the barrista that I did not want whipped cream, causing the barrista to look at the cup for the telltale marking. No such marking. They then say "no problem" and proceed to take their big-ass spoon and scoop the whipped cream, along with a dollar's worth of coffee, and dump it, topping my mocha with milk.

Now I am upset. Not extremely upset, but upset enough to ask for a new one. I ask because it is a common, lame mistake, and my ask to fuck-it ratio is low, so I feel I am justified.

But they give me the look. Why? Why should I be okay with them scooping some of what I paid for into the garbage, then handing it to me as "fixed"?

Who's with me?

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