A Real Endorsement For MetatOGGer

I've been on vacation for a week; no kid, nothing. I have had lot's of time and have watched some movies I hadn't seen and did some mp3 fixing and rearranging. I found a program that helped me a lot. It's called MetatOGGer, and it is incredible.

I have thousands of music files I have accumulated over the years. How I got many of them is a mystery. Remember Napster before the fall?

Anyway, many of the songs are missing information, like the title, artist, or album. Some of the songs simply have question marks instead of information, meaning I have to listen to it to know what the hell song it is!

Well, no more! This little program, MetatOGGer, listens to your music and finds the correct tag information for you. Yes. It listens to your music so you don't have to!

I realize this technology isn't brand new, and I may be late. But man! Load up some questionable files and watch the little bugger discover information about your music library.

It's free, and seems to work great. Oh, and it's French (but it's in English).

No, I am not being paid for this endorsement. I just really like it!

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