ED.gov: It's Parents!

The "reformers" like Arne Duncan and Barack Obama would have you believe that schools and teachers are the biggest impediment to student success, right? Then why, on the ED.gov website, in the section for Tools for Student Success, are the vast majority of these tools ideas for parents to do with their children to help them with their education? Could it be that it's parents and families that need to make a stronger effort to help their struggling students? Could it be that those families need the rest of America to deal with poverty in a meaningful way, allowing families the resources they need to be able to help their children?

When the website is structured to meet the needs of students, you know, by making it obvious parents need to do their part, but the words and actions coming from those in charge seem to indicate that parents have little part to play, you know we are in for a rather difficult battle fraught with cognitive dissonance!

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