Arne Duncan = Big Brother

From Arne Duncan today:
"Hopefully some day we can track kids from pre-school to high-school and from high school to college and college to career," Duncan said. "Hopefully we can track good kids to good teachers [what about bad kids to bad teachers? WTF??] and good teachers to good colleges of education."
Yeah. And maybe we can track buying habits and medical procedures, and cable viewing habits and beer consumption. And then we can punish someone! Great idea!

Arne has no idea what he is doing, and, I am afraid, neither does Obama. The billions set to be doled out to the "reformers" promise to be wasted on non-scalable, charter-style, non-replicable-for-myriad-reasons interventions and programs when what we should be doing is trying to level the playing field for all Americans by providing basic needs; health care, housing, PUBLIC education, early childhood education, and other social services. You know, like Finland!

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