Teacher Appreciation Day

I guess it's staff appreciation day here in my district because 2 women I have never seen before came into my room unannounced. They were wearing passes, so I figured they were safe, and I didn't stop them.

They stood staring at me for a minute while I finished up a conference with a student. When I finished I asked them what they needed, and they asked me to get my kids silent for 15 seconds. I complied. They then told the kids that I am a valued teacher, and to show that fact they barged into my room to tell me to do something so they could give me a sticker and cheap-ass pen.

If they think a sticker and pen are going to make teachers feel appreciated, they are very wrong. We see it as condescending and belittling. These are the people from where the new ideas are supposed to come from? And they give us stickers and pens? And unannounced to boot!

Pay us more, assholes! And stay out of my room!

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