Who Gets Intervention, Basic or Below Basic?

Well, if you are a student at my school and you are below basic, you don't get intervention. If you are basic, you will get intervention. This was on the agenda for the staff meeting:
REMINDER: Before/after school interventions: Please let me know if you are interested in doing interventions (6 or 12 week sesions starting in January). First priority is students in grades 3-5 who performed at Basic [emphasis mine] on Spring CST, but other focus students/grades will be considered. We have funds allocated to pay teachers for intervention work...
You might be wondering why the lowest performing students don't get intervention, but the second lowest performing students do. It's because in order to meet AYP for NCLB we must have a higher percentage of students at proficient, and moving basic students up to proficient is easier than moving below basic up to proficient.

So, as I have written before, we are throwing the neediest kids under the bus to move up less needy kids so we can meet our AYP goals; NOT SO WE CAN EDUCATE THE KIDS!

We suck.

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