Mom! Look What I Found!

Many lay people wonder about all the horror stories they hear regarding students and their home life. Some stories are horrible, and believable. Others are too horrible to be believed, and some are too silly to be believed.

On Monday, a student handed me two small packages she had found on the floor near the backpack hooks. As she was walking towards me, arm outstretched with the packages in question shining in the fluorescent glow of classroom lights, I could see what they were. This is the point where all your skills as a teacher of young children comes in.

She handed them to me, said she found them "over there" near a certain child's backpack. I then proceeded to hold them up and ask the whole class, "Whose are these?" to no response.

So, I put them in my pocket. Today I found them in that pocket (as I go from couch to bathroom and back again--bad medicine day) and decided to take a picture and write a little thang about the experience.

So, see what I brought home in my pocket....

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