Jonah Goldberg Sprains His Mind

I just love that line, davenoon!
Iraqi Ingrates, Footwear Edition

Reprising Andy McCarthy's inane meme, the Pantload thinks Iraqi journalists should at least be grateful enough to recognize that George W. Bush made them free enough to hurl shoes at him. And Bush won't even have them tortured and killed!

Then, half-baked and with a few cans of Schmitz dangling from the yoke, Goldberg lunges himself across the hood of the car, gazes blearily into the inscrutable night sky, and sprains his mind:
Also, if someone throws a shoe at Barack Obama — at home or abroad — will that be used by the press to define Obama's popularity, never mind his legacy? I mean if some nutter in Holland hucks a clog at Obama, does that mean all of the Netherlands, never mind all of Europe, hates Obama?
By the time he's finished, the entire gang has passed out, and Jonah never receives the answers he seeks...

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