Elected Officials: Dumber Than You!

Jonathan Turley always has shocking stuff at his blog. This, though not surprising, is rather shocking!
Elected Officials Score Lower on Civics Tests Than Average Citizens (Who Score Lower than Basic Condiments)
November 23, 2008

American elected officials showed a shocking lack of knowledge about government, history, and basic constitutional principles. They scored a failing grade of just 44 percent on a basic test of knowledge of our nation in a quiz by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). Average citizens scored 49 percent. Note: many of these people scored less than a random or blind selection of answers — quite an achievement.


This Brazen Teacher said...

I am in Arabica's [coffee shop- does California have anything but starbucks? ;-)]

And I have to tell you I was drinking my tea and hence choking as I read this. My lawyer will be contacting you about the necessary reparations via distress from coughing up Orange Pekoe in front of strangers.


Unknown said...

We have Pete's. And, sorry!

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