Compassionate Conservativism: We All Knew It Was An Oxymoron

You won't believe me, so go read it. Here is your snippet:
I often tip generously both because I have been a waitress and because I think it is important to reward people who work. However, if Obama gets in (and it is still an if), perhaps tipping less or not at all would be a good way to save money as a way of "going John Galt." Yet, is it fair to the person who is stiffed? What about a compromise, just tipping less? What do you think?
This evil bitch is married to Instapundit. I think she thinks she is a little funny, but funny in the way conservatives are usually funny. IOW, not funny at all. I also think she is serious, in the way conservatives are usually serious. IOW, not serious at all. These people are running scared, and it's about fucking time they did!

Not to worry, rich assholes. We Democrats don't share your evil, vindictive streak when it comes to policy. Our worst offense is that we call you out on our blogs.

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