Debunking Palin

Let's do some debunking.

1. As Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin sold on eBay, for a profit, the Governor's jet. No, she listed it on eBay, and then someone else sold it for her, at a loss.

2. As Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin was against the Bridge to Nowhere. No, she was for it, took the money, and was then against it.

3. Sarah Palin is a mainstream Christian. No, she is a right-wingnut, believes the bible is literally true, and thinks her duty as Governor of Alaska is to do God's will.

4. Sarah Palin is a corrupt, smalltime, ignorant, smarmy, self-important, holier-than-thou, 44-year old grandmother-to-be who thinks living near Russia gives her foreign policy credentials. Yes. All true.

5. Sarah Palin was completely vetted. No, she wasn't.

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