Debate Reaction

I thought it was painfully obvious McCain was out of his league. He wouldn't look at Obama, he resorted to talking points and attacks instead of thinking (maybe because thinking is hard for McCain).

McCain had a couple good minutes, but they were few and far between. Obama owned him. Here is a reaction I agree with:
"There will be those, like the oaf Chris Matthews, who will think that McCain's attitude shows him to be a leader. I think it shows that he was not raised well. His refusal to look at Obama throughout the debate, his dismissive tone of voice when continually speaking of Obama in the third person as though he were not there, his inability to say anything good about his opponent, all showed him to be a natural bully or someone who has been taught to be a bully."
Yeah. Mean Mr. McCain. It showed last night.

Then there is the crap about Obama agreeing with McCain. Look, that is a tactic. You start off with whatever you can agree with, then, when you're finished with that, you state your disagreements. It's called being thorough. Obama's grace is another reason McCain looked so old and mean.

It was a rout. McCain even called himself a maverick at one point because he had nothing of substance to say. Obama seemed to be all substance. Thoughts?

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