It's Passover, So I'm Being Lazy

That's not the only reason for the lack of posts.

I have been incredibly busy with a new project that is sucking all my time and energy, and I love it all.

I can't really give you any details other than to tell you it has to do with children, early childhood education, background knowledge, and bunnies. There's much more, but that's really the best stuff right there, don't ya think?

The project is prospective right now, but I have a feeling it will be made real. If it becomes real I will be able to realize a dream.

Some of the details, once revealed, will surprise you, impress you, and make you jealous, but in a good way. Regular readers know me and my 'bent' and I can tell you, this thing fits me perfectly. I just need to make it happen. I can, I have support, and I WILL make it happen. And it will be awesome, for not only me. I have the shivers.

So, I am very happy, busy, excited, but still broke. I don't really care though. All will become good.  Soon.

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