Chancellor Katehi Admits UC Davis Is Unsafe For Students (Updated)

Watch from 13:42 for about a 45 seconds (it starts here* at 13:42 for your convenience). Go on. Watch it.

Did you watch it?

You heard her. She said the campus may be unsafe for some students because, as we have seen in the past, you never know if it (it? the protest, I guess, as a whole) will remain peaceful or if "students will get hurt." Did I get that quote right? Isn't that what she said at 14:14? I think so.

The students will get hurt. Not might. Will. And nobody else will get hurt. Just students. And why might those students get hurt? Because the police feel threatened.

Sorry. She's gotta go.

Update: * I forgot the link to the video that starts at 13:42. It's there now.

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