You Need To Spend More Time On Job Creation? Bullshit. You Need To Spend More $$$

I've been listening to the oligarchs and politicians telling us that there has been a lack of focus on jobs, and not focusing on jobs and not spending time thinking about job creation has been our problem.

I beg to differ.

I am not an economist. I am not a billionaire CEO, or even a millionaire CEO. But I am tired of the lies and obfuscation that are easily identifiable even by a know-nothing like me.

Not too long ago, like a few months or weeks back maybe, there was lots of talk about a lack of certainty in the markets. This lack of certainty caused the "job creators" to want to wait until they could be more certain. Certain of what, you ask? Certain their crimes would go unpunished and that they would be able to continue the rape and pillaging of the world's economy. It was pure bullshit, and they got called on it (and the Wall Street occupation is proof) but that's it. Nothing happened. Sure, a protest happened, but that's because nothing happened. We the people have decided to fix this shit.

Now that the certainty nonsense has been seen through, the oligarchs have latched on to a new meme--lack of time spent dealing with job creation.

I call bullshit, again.

It's not a lack of time being spent on job creation, it's a lack of money being spent, you greedy bastards.

When the wealthy are holding a trillion dollars in the bank and not investing it due to uncertainty or because they haven't spent any time thinking about how to use their money (job creation), it is pretty clear their focus is on keeping their money, not reinvesting in the country that helped them get rich.

When a rich dude tells you he is uncertain or admits he hasn't spent enough time on something, he's full of shit. It doesn't take much time to realize the wealthy have hoarded the dollars, shipped the jobs overseas, are investing in land in Argentina, and have no interest in helping the American economy. They got theirs, and their focus is on keeping it, no matter who it kills, starves, renders homeless, or whose life it ruins.

Don't let Immelt and Obama trick you into thinking they just need to spend some more time thinking about job creation--they don't. They need to fucking do something, and it will cost money, and that's the problem.

Greedy bastards go great with a red wine reduction.

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