I'm About To Make Changes To My Blog's Design

For years this blog has been laid out the same way, in old Blogger format. A few months back Google upgraded the design possibilities for bloggers. Some of the changes are great--page menus look better for one, and I want better page menus.

The templates are cool, but they all offer less space than the template I have CSSed to death to make it look the way it does.  I have given blockquotes a blue background, I fiddled with border weights and colors, and added a label cloud--all that will go away when I switch to the new template.

The new template won't look very different, but it will look cleaner, and some of the newer social media buttons Google offers should be available to me in the new template.

So, maybe the next time you come here things will look slightly different. If you notice problems with functionality, links, or just the way it looks, please email me and let me know. I want the blog to be easy to read (those of you who have black backgrounds for your blogs, they're hard to read. White backgrounds are easier to read).

So, when I publish this post, I will then head to the design area and click "Apply to blog" and there will be no turning back (well, I could revert, but don't want to). Here we go...

Update: So, it looks like everything worked. I even got to post my label cloud and put a blue background in blockquotes. I hope this makes it easier to read and link to/from.

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