Here Are Some Questions I Would #AskArne

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Here are my questions for Arne Duncan, who is hosting a Twitter Town Hall on August 24th at 1:30 in the afternoon when every teacher in America will still be in class.
Do all American parents have the right to opt their children out of state tests per Prince V Mass, or is it a state by state issue? #AskArne

What qualifies you to be Secretary of Education? You are not credentialed, you have no education degree, you never taught school. #AskArne

Why does the NAEP, when disaggregated, show an almost 1 to 1 correlation between SES and academic success? #AskArne

Will you volunteer to take, say, a 2nd grade class for a whole day? Oh wait, you can't. You don't have a credential. #AskArne

Charter schools cream their students by default-passively. Is that going to re-segregate our schools? #AskArne

Do you know that there is no such word as "incent?" #AskArne

Why can charter schools hold kids to higher behavior standards, and then boot them for failing to meet them? #AskArne

Did you know Geoffrey Canada once kicked out an entire class just to raise his graduation numbers? #AskArne

Have you ever had to feed a malnourished American child who has a cellphone? #AskArne

Have you ever been yelled at by a parent for not educating the child they ignore? #AskArne

What is percentage of bad teachers? 5%? 10%? 15%? It's a completely unknowable quantity, yet you claim one of those numbers anyway. #AskArne

Are impoverished kids stifled from birth, or does their Kindergarten teacher make them forget their letters and numbers? #AskArne

Do you agree that what is good for the wealthiest families is also good for the poorest families? Or screw the poor ones? #AskArne

Do you agree that without prior knowledge (poverty stifles) some kids don't do as well on the test, but could if they lived w/me? #AskArne

Have you ever seen and had to comfort a 7-year old right before the test they have been hearing and worrying about all year? #AskArne

Why are kids receiving services for developmental issues required to take the test? To bring down our scores erroneously? #AskArne

Did you know that the name "KIPP" comes from this: "Knowledge is Power. Power is Money. I want it."? #AskArne

I had 2 autistic students my last year in classroom. They did poorly on test. Is that my fault? And, why the fuck did they take it? #AskArne

Should trad. pub. schools be able to boot misbehaving kids and send them to the neighborhood charter, and keep the $$? #AskArne

VAM developed for agriculture industry. Developers caution against using it for teachers, say it can't do job. Why u support it? #AskArne

Do you have an advanced degree of any kind, or just a Bachelor's? #AskArne

Do you believe (erroneously) that tenure means a job for life? #AskArne

Why do I have to actually write the standards on the board for my 2nd graders? Is that for them or to make it easy to write me up? #AskArne

Are teachers to be trusted with things larger than lining kids up and testing them? #AskArne

Do you believe teachers are the least professional professionals? (I think it's pretty common) #AskArne
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