Jose Vilson On Cursing (Prompted By My Foul Mouth)

From Jose Vilson's On Cursing When Necessary
I guess that’s the reason why I haven’t engaged this government official [Justin Hamilton] in much of anything. Anytime I hear a communications secretary from the White House or an essay Duncan wrote from on high, it sounds exactly the same: let’s say the things that will quell the snickering of international education experts, but let’s continue to encourage the proliferation of assessment upon meaningless assessment. What’s worse is that, just like every other “leader,” it seems that teachers’ opinions only matter if they offer something “positive.” And it seems to have worked with many of my other fellow teachers who show great restraint in dealing with someone who’s probably in over his head using a platform free to the public.
I wish him well. But if you know anything about the desperate times our schools face currently, and you’re as angry as I am, I say fuck that. Curse now. It’s necessary.
Jose, who is honored to be amongst the speakers at the Save Our Schools March …

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