"Burn books in front of them"

I think I have come across the answer to our education woes. I used to read The New Republic all the time, then I stopped. Then Diane Ravitch tweeted a link to a story about Michelle Rhee at TNR and I read it. It was pretty light. But, a comment by a reader struck me as a novel way to improve education outcomes. It's pretty brilliant:
Forbid children to go to school. Make them work in the fields. Make school a forbidden delight (like sex, drugs, texting). Prohibit them from reading. Burn books in front of them. To get to school they will have to sneak out at night, with books hidden under their clothes. Shoot live ammunition over their heads as they scurry through the fields to get to school. When they do get to school, clones of Michelle Rhee will drag bad teachers out of the classrooms or abuse the mediocre ones in front of the horrified children.

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