Blog Talk Radio, Anyone? Updated

Blog Talk Radio is cool thing.  It's free (Premium services available) and easy.  The free option allows me a maximum 30 minute show, once a day, and not between 4 and 8pm, which is prime time.  I can have up to five callers at a time and there is a chatroom during the show which gets podcasted for posterity.

My experience so far has been great.  I have been on a few shows with the Total Tutor and the Bronx Teacher and everyone is always gracious.  It is a good way for opposing sides to air their differences.  People tend to have good manners on the air.

Since doing their shows I chose to discuss some things with a dude on my own show (available now!).  It was also fun, and interesting, and illuminating.  I would like to do more.  I have one more scheduled for the dude and I, but can schedule more.  I think I could only do a show if I knew someone was going to be there to have a dialog, especially if they disagree with me.

Anyone interested?  It'll cost you the price of the toll call (619 area code) to get on the air.  Listening is free.

Listen to internet radio with Tfteacher on Blog Talk Radio
Update: Sevren (the dude) has pulled out of the March 7 radio show.  Actually, the post above this one has the details (instead of coming on the radio with me, he wants to sue me!).  

I need a new guest. Let me know in comments if you would like to come on the already scheduled show.

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