What Would You Ask A TFAer? Updated Again

I am interviewing a former TFA member tomorrow for a future post. What questions do you want answered? Let me know in comments.

Update: Some questions so far:

  1. Was 6 weeks enough training to make you "Highly Qualified?"
  2. Did Whitney Tilson ever hit on you?
  3. What did you learn from the veteran teachers?  
  4. What do you think the veteran teachers learned from you?
  5. How were students characterized?
  6. What was your worst fialure?
  7. What was your greatest success?
  8. Were you told that 2 years of teaching experience would prepare you for a career in education administration?
  9. Did you get support from TFA?
  10. Were you given a leadership role at your school?
  11. Do you believe TFA teachers can do the job of replacing teaching as a career by cycling through new teachers every 2 years?
  12. What is TFA's greatest strength.
  13. What is TFA's greatest weakness?
  14. What pedagogy/strategies most crucial in your content area?
  15. What pedagogy & dev psych did TFA give?
  16. What did you teach and why? 
  17. Why did you join? 
  18. Why not major in Ed?
Keep them coming!

Update II: Frank has written his own guest post at An Urban Teacher's Education blog because I am too slow to get his interview transcribed.  You need to read his take on TFA.

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