TFT And Others Will Be On Blog Talk Radio Friday Evening, Updated, Again

This Friday, January 7th at 9pm (EST) 11pm (EST--that's 7pm 8pm in California), Bronx Teacher, The Total Tutor, Larry Sand, A Conservative Teacher and I will be on Blog Talk Radio on Neil Haley's Total Tutor Show discussing, well, education.

Neil has tried to get 2 sides--liberals and conservatives--to come together to see how close or far apart we are from each other in our perspectives on education reform.

I am pretty sure the conservative guys are union haters. Not sure if they are Rhee lovers, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Tune in! 6pm 8pm on the West Coast, 9pm 11pm on the East Coast, Friday evening.  Be there.  Listen and send me link references as ammo.

Update: It was a good show, except for some brief echoes in 2 small spots. Who won? That's up to you. I think the right--Larry and CT--put up straw man after red herring, while we--SoBronx and me--made perfect sense, using only facts.

Place your vote for who won in comments. Vote for right or left.

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