Straight Outta Compton

COMPTON, Calif. (AP) -- Chanting "yes we can!" and "si se puede!", a busload of parents on Tuesday became the first in California to try to force reforms at their children's failing school using the state's new "parent-trigger" law.

The group of Latino and African-American parents delivered a petition signed by 62 percent of parents at McKinley Elementary School to Compton Unified Acting Superintendent Karen Frison.

Fisrt, who paid for the bus? Second, a guy named Ben Austin, executive director of Parent Revolution, an organization with ties to Green Dot Charter Schools among others, spearheaded the law in California. With the law on their side, these "shock doctrine" abusers can organize 51% of parents in a school and get the district to create a charter school. And guess what, a CMO will make money from it.

These parents have no idea what they will reap by sowing such a damaged process.  Surely you all know where Compton is, right?  Compton's school district was once taken over by the state.  I think the Crips and Bloods started in Compton.  Ever heard of Gangsta Rap?  Ever heard of a song called Straight Outta Compton?

This is what the rich and powerful do--they find a vulnerable population, scare them, then use the fear to promise safety from the fear, and then they make their profit.  It is pure Shock Doctrine.  It's sickening, abusive, and usurious.

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