I Know, But They Probably Don't

I am in the beginning stages of my new career as a private consultant working with families of kids with IEPs and 504s and the like.  I have been pretty busy setting things up, like a website, formulating policy terms, creating brochures, and making contact with schools, parents and educational therapists.  That is why there has been less posting than usual.

I must say that being out of the classroom and out of the public school world, as an employee, has been very stress relieving.

I also find it nice to answer with, "I am in private practice" when asked what I do.

For those of you who find yourselves stuck in a public school with all around you complaining that you are failing your students, I know you are not.  I know you are being hounded by those who know not of what they speak, yet have undue influence (money--it's always money).  I know that you often feed your hungry students with food you bought and brought to school just for that purpose.  I know that you are the one that goes through Johnny's backpack to see if he is taking care of all those handouts you pass out every Friday.  I also know that you suffer through staff development meetings, biting your tongue (like I didn't).  I know that you know that "data" require more than a one-year trend, and the rubrics leave too many things fuzzy.  I know that you assess your students almost constantly, regardless of the forms administration would like you to provide to prove you are assessing them.  I also know that you can't call many of your students because their phones are disconnected, or they don't even have homes.  I know.  I just wish that my knowing these things helped.  Maybe writing them down will help.  That's why I wrote them down.

I am working with a 5th grade student who is using Everyday Math.  I remember when my district chose it, and we all cried.  My student and his mother (a high school soc. studies teacher and Harvard grad) are now painfully aware of the controversy that surrounds Everyday Math.  It is a terrible program.  It should be used as a way to confuse our enemies, not instruct our children.

Hopefully Michelle Rhee's star is fading, though I doubt it.

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