L.A. Times: Should We Sue Them?

These are my students' CST scores (the TEST scores) from a couple years ago. Don't bother looking at how well they did compared to the rest of the state or district (go ahead). Look instead at the red box under the red arrow near the upper right. See that statement? It says that the report, which is the report of my students' scores on the high-stakes test and therefore a report about my teaching, is not to be used in any form of teacher evaluation. I don't think that has changed, yet.

The L.A. Times saw fit to discuss teachers, by name, in an article today. It sure smacks of scores being used as a form of teacher evaluation.

How did they get the information? Why do they think they get to publish it? To the 6 people left subscribing to the L.A. Times, maybe now would be a good time to cancel that subscription.

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