Oakland Education Association Scaring Parents For Profit

I am not a teacher basher, or a union basher. I am a teacher and a union member!

But Oakland, California's union, the OEA, has put out a letter to parents regarding a one-day strike that teachers hope will bring about negotiations that were ended when the school board decided to impose a contract on the teachers, as districts are allowed to do under certain circumstances.

The letter, below, starts out fine. It's the last paragraph. Go read it...
Strike Letter to Parents 0410 _1
So, what do you think? They are using fear. They are claiming that the substitutes are ill-prepared, or worse. And it's all implicit, nothing concrete. Just be afraid of the grownups in the school, they might hurt/neglect/abuse/whatever your kid.

There is a thread going on at The Education Report, a local blog by a local reporter. I made some comments there, and folks responded.

I think the letter is outrageous and they should be ashamed of themselves and retract it. What do you all think?

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