Do You Know This Kid VIII? Updated Again

July 1934 E.E. Moore stands next to young Teddy Kennedy, who is wearing a sailor suit, in Hyannisport, July 1934. Photograph copyright the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

This photo was taken in 1934. The little fella (yes, fella) is now dead. He was quite famous. The man standing next to him was his namesake.

Update: Not even a bite yet?  Need some more hints?  Here you go:
  1. He had a famous sibling.
  2. He died recently.
  3. I think this picture was taken on the east coast of the USA.
  4. The grown-up in the photo (who is the namesake of our kid in question) was a trusted aid to the kid's father, who also may have been famous at one point.
  5. Remember, the he is a boy (they dressed funny back then).
  6. All of these hints are true, but may not be complete!
Now, let's get some guesses!

Update II: Reader "Nonny" figured it out.  She claims says she got it right away but waited for the rest of you who never guessed.  The little feller is Senator Edward Moore (Teddy) Kennedy, his namesake is E. E. Moore.

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