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A few new site details and developments:

-I now have some FinderFox code on the page for those interested.

-You may notice my Google ads are gone, and there are a couple non-Google ads up now.  Google decided there was some hanky-panky going on with clicks (I assume) so they banned my AdSense.  This isn't a huge deal because over the years I have made a grand total of about $75. I never got a check from Google, and now that I am banned, and I never made it to $100, I think they keep my money. Have you been clicking my ads for no reason? I hope not!

-I am getting some push-back on my Obama's Foes post. Folks don't like the idea of arresting people for displaying Nazi insignia.  I was half joking and finished the idea by suggesting that maybe an ass-whooping from a gay progressive would be better.  At this point, I am torn.  Given that we have a not insignificant white supremacist faction in this country that responds to hate with killing (doctors who perform abortions get killed by these assholes, as do innocent people in buildings blown up by these assholes), giving them "hate-fodder" seems to me to be encouraging and condoning such hate against a class of people--progeny of those murdered by Hitler (there's lots of us).  I suppose you lawyers out there will tell me why I am wrong, and I welcome you to.

-I have also put a blinking link to my wishlist on Amazon.  Since I will never make any money on this blog (thanks Google), and since you appreciate me doing all this work for nothing except my own enjoyment, and especially since you want to find a way to express your thanks, the wishlist is a great way to do it!  It's in the sidebar (or the links in this post.  Don't all rush at once!).

Thanks for reading and commenting and emailing.  I read all the comments, there is no moderation, and I only delete spam.  Trolls are welcome!  For now.

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