What Is Really In The Health Bill

TNR commenter icarusr says:
icarusr said:

You liberal-fascist-socialist-Maoist-sadist-somnambulists evidently are so far drunk with ObamaKoolAid that you simply fail to see the reality of the MediGulag that Obamalin is implementing. Get this choice provision: section 308 and 1889 of the House Bill (page 1024) provide for - I am not kidding - the reimbursement, to a patient, of the costs of doctors the patient visits in the course of diagnosing a malady. Even the densest liberal-fascist-anally-poisoned-Obamabot knows that "patient" really means "john", doctor is short hand for "gay prostitute" and "diagnosis" is street slang for meth-and-anal-sex. The Bill is all about - and nothing butt - taking hard-earned tax dollars from God-fearing and taxpaying Christians and subsidizing drug-crazed orgies on Fire Island or in fundamentalist church basements in Arkansas.

I love the word "MediGulag".

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